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“Last month was my very best month so far in my marketing agency. Little did I know it was going to turn into a disaster. Luckily, one of my good friends actually recommended me to Eric to fix up my business problems, because even though I had consistency in my business, consistent clientele, consistent lead flow, sales, and marketing was great, everything else was collapsing. As my clientele grew, I couldn’t properly fulfill them. Even though my genuine intention was to serve these customers, I just didn’t have the systems and the processes in place to truly scale this company. I also noticed I was working way too hard, way too long in my business. I wasn’t really a business owner, I was a business operator.

I knew that if I not only want to make good money but also have time and happiness in life, I will need to change something. I reached out to Eric. We had an amazing conversation, and then I just told him the truth. I told him the fact that I actually reached out to three different people, and I was considering these guys. Matter of fact, one of them offered me to help me for free. Obviously, Eric had a pretty expensive price tag. I was a little bit hesitant to go with Eric. After all, I had two more offers in the plate.

Then, this is what he said. He said with this ultimate conviction. There was something in his voice that convinced me that he’s legit when he said that he’s going to blow my mind. On top of that, he threw in a money back guarantee, that if after three days I didn’t believe it was worth every single penny, he would give me every single one of my dollars back. I thought, “Okay. I might as well give it a shot.”

I’m so grateful I did. I came to the three days, and Eric showed up in a nice suit, all dressed up. I think the experience was phenomenal. Honestly, looking back, I think in these three days I gained more value than over six or seven mentors that I hired in the past, that easily cost me multi-six figures. In three days, I learned more than what I learned in years’ worth of time with multiple, multiple mentors.

What I learned about Eric is, is he’s a genuine mentor. He’s actually a person that cares. He’s transparent, and he’s willing to go the extra mile. Whenever we needed to cover something, and even we were running out of time, he stood with me, and he made sure that I got what I came here for.

The bottom line is, I developed massive, massive respect towards Eric, and especially after hearing his story, I was blown away. This man has achieved tremendous success at a very young age, and then he lost it all. He had a nervous breakdown. The fact that he was able to rebuild this from scratch blows my mind. I think it’s extremely impressive. I think his story’s inspiring. If you want to work with someone who’s genuine, someone who gives a damn, and someone who’s actually transparent, he’s not going to bullshit you. If he doesn’t know something, he’s going to tell you. It’s Eric. You definitely want to work with him, especially if you’re in the million dollar to few million dollar range, maybe even 10, 20 million, and you want to scale your company, and you want to regain your freedom, and you want to regain happiness in your life. Eric is the man.

I highly recommend him. If you want to give me a call and ask me if he’s a good mentor, I will always say the best things about him, because he’s delivered more than what he promised.”

Peter Szabo



“We are up 50% in overall sales this year.”

“I have known Eric Collins for at least 17 years now.  Eric and I were friends for a number of years before I invited him to help my company.  Eric helped with sales, but it was his expertise in web design and Internet marketing that was instrumental in helping us successfully launch our website on which we now receive 400-600 orders per month from organizations such as the American Heart Association, Southwestern University School of Law, the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, Arcadian Health Plan, Inc. and Care1st Health Plans, Inc..  And, our business is growing – we are up 50% in overall sales this year as compared to last year.

The website that Eric helped us launch was actually designed by another entity; the print shop/webmaster with whom we had a previous relationship and with which we still conduct business.  However, the print shop/webmaster had overrepresented the capabilities of the site, and needed assistance in identifying and correcting a significant array of problems inherent in the website; Eric did a phenomenal job in helping Direct Print Communications with addressing these problems, one by one.

One of the more memorable occasions that come to mind involved a perceived security problem that Eric identified with the site relative to protecting customer credit card information.  The head of the print shop/webmaster programming team told Eric that Eric didn’t know what he was talking about.  Eric asked me if my relationship with the print shop/webmaster CEO was such that it would be O.K. for Eric to exploit the security flaws in the website.  I told Eric to go ahead and demonstrate how the website security could be hacked, and that I would take responsibility for his actions.

Within 30 minutes, Eric had hacked into the website and taken screen captures of sensitive information which we then immediately e-mailed to my friend who is the CEO of this $50 million per year print organization.  The reaction from the head programmer of the print shop/webmaster company was very amusing.  Eric had been correct in his assessment.

Eric is very intelligent, and a real problem solver.  I also think Eric is a great salesperson.  Eric is even more of a systems guy who is extremely talented, and savvy beyond his years.

If it is a testament to my confidence in Eric, I just had him out at my company yesterday exploring opportunities for DPC with respect to developing a micro site and website affiliate marketing program for DPC.”

Larry Sommerfield
President, DPC Inc.

“If Eric can make that nightmare work…”

“For about a year I was working with the 11th largest private mint in the country. Our goal was to export gold and diamonds at a discount from West Africa. We successfully set up a network across Africa and after years of them trying, we made a few successful trips. I brought Eric in to help expand the opportunity and while I was on another trip, a new connection in Guinea Conakry began to look like fraud.

I asked Eric if he would go in and vet out the opportunity and see if we were being scammed. He is the only one other than myself that I trusted to make a fair and accurate determination of the situation. My trust in him proved out as it had many times before and after.

He flew in alone to meet with the team and quickly realized the situation was a nightmare. Nothing was true. Embezzlement had occurred, diamonds were obtained without permits, the morale of the in country fixers was low, and the business was not profitable.

A few days in the military took over the country firing a rocket into the dictator’s compound. The American representatives scurried to get out abandoning $250,000 in cash and $300,000 in diamonds with a shady Russian diamond dealer. Eric refused to leave and stayed alone until all cash, gold and diamonds were legally out of the country. The 4 day trip turned into a month.

Eric rebuilt the morale of the fixers, liasoned with local politicians, hired security details, and arranged for the legal export of all goods all while the military lead a coup.

Moral of the story is that business in America doesn’t require life and death decisions. If Eric can make that nightmare work in West Africa with no experience in gold or diamonds imagine what he can do for you. We continued to work on projects all over the world and still to this day collaborate often.”

“3 Award-Winning Websites”

“I do highly recommend Eric Collins. Eric was hired by me at ConAgra as a web designer and he created 3 award-winning websites for us.  Eric’s work was always complete and on time.  Eric is a pleasure to work with and we found him to be very creative. On top of being an excellent programmer, he also added to the team with great creative ideas.

My team enjoyed working with Eric and we would have continued the relationship if the Irvine office had not closed and relocated to Omaha.

If you have any questions about Eric, please feel free to call me at any time…”

Doug DiGiore
ConAgra – Chef Boyardee, Pam Cooking Spray, Hunt’s